Jigang Wang

Associate Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Jigang WANG photo

Our vision is to implement an emerging theme: use coherent ultra-short-laser pulses to achieve quantum control of material properties and drive non-equilibrium phase transitions at femtosecond timescales via local excitations at nanometer length scales. This cross-cutting theme has merged different disciplines of current focus including quantum magnetism, ultrafast nonlinear optics, condensed matter physics, materials science, physical chemistry,and biological photosynthesis… These provide increasing evidence, both from intellectual and practical point of view, on a paradigm shift for modern physics and technology to engage ultrafast coherent excitation, strong correlation and nonlinearity.

Our research program investigates several distinctive model systems from nanoscale materials to strongly correlated electron materials, which aims both to provide a fundamental understanding and to achieve ultrafast manipulation of electronic and magnetic cooperative phenomena from “simplicity” to complexity. This involves the development and applications of ultrafast laser spectroscopy and nonlinear optical techniques in femtosecond regime and over a wide frequency spectrum, spanning from terahertz to ultraviolet to understand quantum processes, many-body phenomena and correlation effects in nanoscale and correlated electron materials.


A novel enzyme-enabled Raman spectroscopic imaging (e2RSI) system for imaging the nanoscale molecular arrangement of the extracellular matrix of plants

Area of Expertise: 
Condensed Matter
B.S., Physics, Jilin University, PR China, 2000
M.S., Rice University, Houston, TX, 2002
Ph.D., Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rice University, Houston, TX, 2005
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